Visit The World’s Largest Flea Market: First Monday

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Some beautiful pieces for sale at a flea market

Usually, when people think of Texas, they envision wide open plains and cowboy culture. However, the Lone Star State is home to many exciting attractions, including the world’s largest flea market, First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. This massive market that started way back in the 1850s and features over 5,000 vendors spread over 400 acres selling everything from clothing and jewelry to furniture and homemade goods.


During the earliest days of Van Zandt County, on the first Monday of the month, the District Judge would conduct court in Canton’s Town Square. It was an event that everyone looked forward to, not only for the chance to see justice being served, but also because it was an excellent opportunity to socialize and trade goods.

Location, Location, Location

In 1965, the First Monday trade days outgrew the Town Square and was moved two blocks north of the courthouse. Today, the flea market is located on over 400 acres off Highway 19. The event initially only took place on the first Monday of each month, but now takes place on the prior Thursday to Sunday due to popular demand. To put the size in perspective, on an average day, Canton is a town of only 4,000 residents. On First Monday Trade Days, the population swells and Canton becomes the seventh largest city in Texas.

What to Expect

As the world’s largest flea market, you can find everything from vintage clothes and furniture to handmade goods and antiques. It’s a mecca for thrifters and bargain hunters alike. This massive market attracts shoppers from all over the country looking for a good deal on just about anything. You’ll meet pickers, creators, makers, and takers from all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. With great deals on all kinds of items, it’s no wonder this flea market is so popular!

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What to Bring

First and foremost, bring a map, five dollars for parking, and some extra cash for bartering. The weather can be unpredictable so be sure to pack everything you need to brave the elements including comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Also, it’s a smart move to consider bringing a rolling cart for storing your purchases.

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